BlueFloat Energy is comprised of a passionate and motivated team of offshore wind pioneers who have successfully executed floating offshore wind projects across the globe. We are energy professionals with backgrounds that span the floating supply chain, and we share an enthusiasm for accelerating the decarbonization of the global economy, responding to climate change, and realizing broader social justice and economic development outcomes.

CEO Office

Carlos Martin Rivals

Chief Executive Officer

Gemma Tamayo Romay

Executive Assistant

José de Andrés Abad

Senior Legal Counsel

Ciaran Wilkinson

Senior Legal Counsel

CFO Office

Manuel Fernández Durán

Chief Financial Officer

Organizational Development

Adina Dorneanu

Head of Organizational Development

Cristina Rivas Tomé

Office Administrator

Raveena Kooleri

Business Support Associate

Human Resources

Angie Monrabal Cuthbert

HR & Payroll Manager

Ana Radošević

Talent Acquisition Analyst


Natalia Encinas Pacheco

Senior Project Controller

Ana González Luna

Senior Financial Controller

Victor Nuñez Zubiri

Project Controller

Europe Region

Thibault Desclée de Maredsous

Executive Vice President Europe

Laura Rolo Pérez

Senior Business Project Manager - Europe

Blanca Puig García-Sarabia

Business Project Associate - Europe

Andrea Gallo Arenas

Business Project Analyst – Europe

Clément Mochet

Country Manager – France & Head of Mooring systems

Nicolas Boutin

Senior Business Project Manager – Mediterranean

Charbel Nasr

Asset Life Cycle Engineer

Ferdinando Samona

Industrialization Senior Manager

Michela Presta

Stakeholder Manager

Javier Monfort Tormo

Country Manager - Spain

Ainhoa Villar Lejarreta

Business Development Manager - Spain

Helena Brage Porral

Business Development Manager - Spain
United Kingdom

Susie Lind

Country Manager

Chris Martin

Head of Legal

Nancy McLean

Deputy Project Director

Matthew Garrow

Project Controller

Carmen Solórzano

Head of Site Characterisation

John Dykes

WTG Package Manager

Kirsty Adams

Head of Supply Chain

Derrick MacLeod

Senior Project Manager, Bellrock Offshore Wind Farm

Corentin Thepaut

Senior Project Manager, Sinclair and Scaraben

Scott Graham

Procurement Manager

Ewan O´Hara

Health & Safety Manager

Umar Mansoor

Interface Manager

Matt Smith

Legal Manager

Debbie Currie

Governance and Business Support Manager

Americas Region


Armando Politi Bustos

Country Manager - Colombia

APAC Region

Pierre-Antoine Tetard

Chief Commercial Officer

Jarek Pole

APAC Advisor

Will Liu

Senior Business Project Manager - APAC

Eric Lin

Business Project Manager – APAC

Julia Perez-Maura Cabanyes

Business Project Associate

Nick Sankey

Country Manager - Australia

David Delamore

Head of Engineering & Supply Chain – Australia

Deb Neumann

Head of Environment & Planning

Kate Lancaster

Stakeholder and Engagement Manager

Darragh White

Project Director

Bart Vaughan

Technical Manager

Isabella Svinos

Project Development Manager - Australia

Sarah Matters

Project Development Manager
New Zealand

Nathan Turner

Country Manager - New Zealand

Tom Young

Head of Environment and Consents – New Zealand

Oliver Mills

Head of Engineering and Supply Chain - New Zealand

Nisha Choudhary

Project Development Associate

Michael Pinkerton

Country Manager - Taiwan

Glen Hsieh

Head of Business Development – Taiwan

Alfred Ting

Stakeholder Manager – Taiwan

Huan Li

Bidding Manager - Taiwan

Kevin Yang

Procurement Manager - Taiwan

Yun-Ling Ko

Business Associate – Taiwan

Jessie Chang

Environmental, Permit & Consents Manager - Taiwan

Peggy P.C. Liao

Senior Public Affairs Manager - Taiwan

Ting-Yu Yeh

Business Support Associate – Taiwan

Armando Gamboa

Acting Country Manager - Philippines

Benazhir Co

Environment and Consents Manager - Philippines

Dan Dominguez

Head of Technical – Philippines

Jun San Juan

Stakeholder Manager - Philippines

Market Development

Nailia Dindarova

Chief Market Development Officer

Esther Villoria Domínguez

Head of Consents & Environment

Myriam Samba

Head of Government and Regulatory Affairs

Isabel Rodrigo Romero

Senior Manager Communications & Marketing

Sarah Arthur

Environment and Consents Manager

Alejandra Orti Pérez-Pire

Associate Communications & Social Media

Christian Keller Estalrich

Stakeholder Engagement Manager

Clara Villegas Rico

Government & Regulatory Affairs Associate

Constanza Espinosa Galeán

Marketing and Events Analyst


Pierre-Antoine Tetard

Chief Commercial Officer

Luca Bruschieri

Head of Partnerships and M&A

Alper Esin

Procurement Director

Bjarne Beck

Head of Revenue

Julia Perez-Maura Cabanyes

Partnerships and M&A Associate

Elsa Fernández Cornejo

Partnerships and M&A Associate

Eulalia Escudero Muñoz

Investment Associate


Jorge Porres Sánchez-Chiquito

Engineering & Supply Chain Senior Director

Fernando Sada Rodríguez

Grid Connection & Electrical Works Senior Director

Clément Mochet

Country Manager – France & Head of Mooring systems

Pablo Necochea

Floating Systems Integration Strategy Director

Walid Oulmane

Head of Sourcing and Ports

Olivier Vinoche

Head of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

Anni Piirainen

Head of Technical Project Management

Jorge Torres del Guayo

Head of the Site Assessment

Daniel Martínez Gosálvez

Technical Project Manager

Marianna Mello

Technical Project Manager

Jonathan Arias Becerro

Technical Project Manager

Alejandro Cabrerizo Sierra

Technical Project Manager

Benoit Dromard

Transportation & Installation Senior Manager

Jaime Domínguez Soto

Floating Package Senior Manager (Stromar)

Brice Le Normand

Industrialization & onshore works Steel Senior Manager

Daniel González Martín

Concrete Industrialization Senior Manager