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We’re At the Forefront of Today's Energy Transition

With a corporate vision of accelerating the global deployment of offshore wind as a key enabler for the energy transition and economic growth, BlueFloat Energy is developing offshore wind energy projects in multiple geographies.

Using the world’s infinite offshore wind resource, we invest in new projects from early stage development through to Final Investment Decision and beyond. Leveraging our unique experience in floating offshore wind, we form strategic alliances with local developers to support and accelerate new opportunities to create ready-to-build, bankable offshore wind projects.

We Have Deep Experience In Floating Offshore Wind

BlueFloat Energy was founded by a team of floating offshore wind pioneers with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in executing floating offshore wind projects.

Top members of our team were key contributors to the development and construction of the WindFloat Atlantic project from concept to Final Investment Decision to commissioning.  This 25 megawatt (MW) floating offshore wind project in Portugal marked a turning point in the offshore wind industry as it was the first floating offshore wind project to secure bank financing.  With 3 x MVOW’s 8.4 MW turbines, the WindFloat Atlantic project was the world’s first semi-submersible floating wind project and continental Europe’s first floating wind project.

Photo courtesy of Principle Power. Artist name: Dock90.

547 Energy

BlueFloat Energy’s main shareholder is US-based 547 Energy. 547 Energy invests in and partners with innovative companies and development platforms around the globe that focus on cleantech, renewable power, energy efficiency, grid resilience or the digitalization of the energy sector.

Quantum Energy Partners

547 Energy is backed by Quantum Energy Partners, a leading provider of capital to the global energy industry, with more than $17 billion in assets under management.

We Bring A Focused Approach To Unlock Opportunities In Offshore Wind Globally

We Deploy Unique In-House Expertise In Floating Offshore Wind Project Development

Selection of floating structure

We have a deep understanding of the available technologies with higher potential for success and are supported by engineers who bring an unparalleled experience in floating platforms’ design.

Interaction between floating platform and wind turbine

We have extensive knowledge, based on first-hand experience, of the complexities of platform-turbine interaction, which is a mission-critical item that needs to be addressed early in the development phase

Industrial plan and supply chain

We successfully designed a supply chain for a floating offshore wind project, both fabrication and O&M, which allowed us the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of the trade-offs between cost, risk, and local content.

Data gathering and detailed site characterization

We grasp the full scope of comprehensive site characterization, including gathering intel on significant yet often overlooked issues, such as the wide array of offshore floating LIDAR solutions.


Members of our team were the first, worldwide, to secure bank financing for a floating offshore wind project. We have demonstrated that we are able to strategically meet the necessary criteria for financing throughout all phases of offshore wind project development.

Stakeholder engagement

We provide our local development partners with critical technical information to support discussions with key stakeholders, including representatives of local government entities and fishermen.
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