June 19, 2023

BlueFloat Energy is proud to have participated in the Terawatt party, organized by Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) last thursday at the The Conduit London, a venue focused on gathering changemakers around social and environmental causes. Myriam Samba attended the event on behalf of BlueFloat Energy to celebrate the remarkable milestone of 1 Terawatt of global wind energy installed capacity!

During the party, there were inspiring speeches delivered by wind industry pioneers and other driving forces of the energy transition, highlighting the hurdles overcome as well as the remarkable achievements and the future potential of wind energy: Henrik Stiesdal, Jonathan Cole, Ben Backwell, Jeanette Mwendwa Gitobu, among others. At BlueFloat Energy we are thrilled to be part of this thriving industry that is transforming the global energy landscape. The fact that wind power has reached this milestone demonstrates the significant progress made towards building a strong foundation for a sustainable future but much more needs to be done to reach net zero targets around the world! Deploying more renewable energy generation at scale swiftly is required to comply with the targets set by the Paris Agreement. Offshore wind could be a true gamechanger in this regard.

Participating in the Terawatt party is a testimony to our dedication and passion for unlocking the full potential of offshore wind at the global level. Let’s continue to work together towards a sustainable future, harnessing the power of wind and driving the global energy transition.

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