Japan Wind Energy 2023 Exhibition & Conference


October 18, 2023

Carlos Martin Rivals has joined this week more than 2,000 global professionals and stakeholders at Japan Wind Energy 2023 Exhibition & Conference in Tokyo to discuss among other topics, opportunities for offshore wind deployment in the APAC region.

During the panel session he participated in, Carlos highlighted the significant potential that floating wind technology presents for countries like Japan that is looking to decarbonize its economy while securing energy supply and diversifying its energy mix. BlueFloat Energy has built a market leading team with a unique expertise in floating wind technology and has been driving the deployment of this cutting-edge technology around the world.

“The APAC region has been at the core of our global growth strategy since the beginning. We have established presence in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and the Philippines, where our local teams have been advancing offshore wind projects and engaging with the local stakeholders. BlueFloat Energy has been expanding the footprint of offshore wind to the new markets by unlocking the potential of floating wind technology and is now emerging as a leader in floating offshore wind deployment in the APAC region” stressed Carlos Martin Rivals.

Carlos also advocated for regional collaboration in policy development, supply chain management, and infrastructure improvement in the region. This collaboration can build on complementary strengths, synergies, and best practices, ultimately accelerating the deployment of offshore wind projects.

APAC is poised for substantial growth in offshore wind capacity over the next decade, with an estimated increase of more than 34 GW by 2032. As an early mover with well-advanced projects in several key APAC markets, BlueFloat Energy is ideally positioned to seize these considerable growth opportunities

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