Future of Energy 2024


BlueFloat Energy was thrilled to contribute to the “Future of Energy” event organized by Solar Plaza in Amsterdam, with insights from Pablo Necochea, Floating Systems Integration Strategy Director, who participated in the “Harnessing the Potential of Offshore Wind Development” panel moderated by Doreen Abeysundra, Founder & Principal at Fresco CleanTech Solutions, and next to representatives from The World Bank, Van Oord, and EIFO. The discussion explored crucial aspects of offshore wind’s role in shaping the energy landscape.

Key takeaways:

➡ Pablo emphasized the importance of effective regulation on offshore wind markets, highlighting how prevailing tender structures can either hinder or support market participation.

➡ He also described BlueFloat Energy’s tailored market development approach in offshore wind.

➡Pablo stressed the need for government support in addressing infrastructure challenges in emerging offshore wind markets, particularly as regards grid expansion and port infrastructure. There is an urgent need for ambitious and well-funded grid expansion plans tailored to offshore wind, including proper sizing for efficient connectivity.

“Conventional offshore wind has thrived in the few countries lucky to have shallow waters, leaving many countries unable to tap into their offshore wind potential. Floating wind technology opens new horizons for offshore wind, providing access to stronger winds with greater siting flexibility, offering local industries an opportunity to diversify their activities and aiding coastal nations in their decarbonization efforts”, Pablo concluded.

In contributing to these discussions, BlueFloat Energy remains dedicated to addressing industry challenges and advancing the offshore wind sector, driving progress and innovation in energy space.

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