Capital Radio Program: Analysis of Offshore Wind


June 27, 2023

What is the current status of offshore wind development in Spain?

This was the starting point of the Capital Radio (Business) program in which Helena Brage, Business Development Manager at BlueFloat Energy, participated last week to analyze the potential of offshore wind in our country. Alongside industry experts such as Tomás Romagosa Cabezudo from the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE), Alexandra de Marichalar from TotalEnergies, Pablo Alcón Valero from Capital Energy, and Piluca Núñez López from AEE Spanish Wind Energy Association, the opportunities and challenges of this renewable energy were explored in Spain.

Topics such as job creation, economic growth, grid integration, and environmental impact assessment were discussed during the debate. At BlueFloat Energy, we are committed to leading offshore wind projects, driving innovation, and forming strategic partnerships to accelerate the adoption of clean energy solutions. We believe that by collaborating with all industry stakeholders, we can make Spain a benchmark in offshore wind.

Listen to the entire podcast:

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