4th Annual Conference “Offshore Wind Transmission Europe”


March 14-15, 2023

Irene Leal Romero, Grid Assessment Analyst at BlueFloat Energy, joined a wide variety of professionals spanning the offshore wind value chain at the 4th Annual Conference “Offshore Wind Transmission Europe” organized by Global Transmission Report, to discuss about the challenges and needs that the sector is facing.

European Commission´s cumulative offshore goals are around 300 GW by 2050. To make these ambitious energy goals realistic, it is necessary to identify the main challenges and bottlenecks that slow them, such as supply chain, upscaling the industry or technological aspects (dynamic cables and floating solutions). Also, considering that other markets apart from EU are also awaking and will impact the supply chain too. In this framework, Irene highlighted that professionals from different areas of the offshore wind sector seem to face the same challenges seen from different perspectives and that solutions must be found together, in strong collaboration between different Member States, and between industries and governments.

It is now the time to take action and start defining, for real, Regulatory Frameworks that speed up offshore wind development trying to harmonize consenting and planning processes.

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