Seanergy 2023


June 20-21, 2023

The team had an amazing time at Seanergy 2023 !

Clément Mochet, Country Manager France at BlueFloat Energy & EOLYMAR Project Director; Olivier Perot, EOLYMAR Industry & Territories Advisor; and Julie Abastado, EOLYMAR Project Manager, introduced EOLYMAR project and its ambitions for the Mediterranean. The team has also been exchanging on topics such as the potential of floating wind in overseas territories and the promising synergy between hydrogen and offshore wind at our Stand.

The EOLYMAR consortium presented the chart of commitment for the territories with Association des Petites Villes de France (APVF) at a cocktail reception hosted by our consortium partner Akuo at their wonderful terrace overlooking Paris from above the Champs Élysées. Clément Mochet, Ken Kageyama, General Manager – Infrastructure Business Unit at Sumitomo Corporation Europe Limited and Eric Scotto, President and Co-founder at Akuo, presented the charter of commitments for EOLYMAR’s territories to Christophe Bouillon, President of the APVF and the National ANCTerritoires (Agence Nationale de la Cohésion des Territoires)

Our experts also contributed to a greatly crafted conference Seanergy 23 program with insightful presentations:

Clément Mochet, Country Manager BlueFloat Energy and EOLYMAR Project Director, along with Jean-Pierre Chabriat, Ile de la Réunion Conseiller Regional, discussed the potential of floating wind technology in addressing the specific challenges faced by islands. “The ambition for offshore wind mainland should be extended to none interconnected territories, where the need for decarbonation and energy autonomy is fundamental. In France, the Reunion island is a very promising territory where BlueFloat Energy and Akuo are developing jointly a 200MW floating wind project. A clear framework is needed as the context is fundamentally different. We are fully in line with Jean-Pierre Chabriat for supporting an over the counter mechanism to accelerate the deployment of the project” Clément claimed.

Thibault Desclée de Maredsous, VP Europe at BlueFloat Energy, participated in a panel discussion on “Paving the way for the green hydrogen wave” he stated: “Globally, 22,000 TWh of renewable electricity is needed to produce 500 million tons of green hydrogen per year by 2050. Out of all the renewable energies, offshore wind sees the fastest growth in the next five years (240%), which creates a significant opportunity to couple the high-capacity factor floating offshore wind with green hydrogen production”.

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth and attended our presentations! As pioneers in floating wind, we are thrilled to be back again to Seanergy, our first ever public stage as company, for what makes now a third year in a row, witness our industry´s impressive growth and feel proud of everything we have achieved in such a short timeframe.

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Seanergy 2023

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