Hsinchu City Marine Resource Conservation – 2024 Fish Fry Release


May 27th, 2024

BlueFloat Energy and 350 members of the coastal community join hands in a fish fry release event in Hsinchu, Taiwan!

The “Hsinchu City Marine Resource Conservation – 2024 Fish Fry Release” event last Saturday, hosted by the Hsinchu Fishermen’s Association, and co-organized by Nanliao Nanhai Guanyin Temple and BlueFloat Energy, gathered community members to release about 98,000 tarwhine fish fry.

The day began with a blessing ceremony for all beings at the temple, followed by the fish fry release guided by certified professionals and supported by coast guards around 11 am during the ebb tide to ensure its smooth flow into the ocean. The local junior high school’s cheerleading team that has won the national championship was invited to perform as well! Chen-yuan Chiu, the Deputy Mayor of Hsinchu City, attended the event, sharing a weekend of great educational and conservation significance with residents around the coastal area.

BlueFloat Energy proudly stands as a member of the local communities. We look forward to presenting our “Winds of September” floating wind project for the Floating Demonstration Programme set to be announced later this year. However, the collaboration with the Hsinchu Fishermen’s Association in our guard vessels services for FliDAR kicked off early on in the project development, back in March 2023. We are pleased to co-organize the fish fry release event to bring the community together, and emphasize the importance of building social license by fostering connections with all stakeholders for mutual prosperity and community development. !

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