GWEC´s Offshore Wind and Hydrogen Summit 2023


August 31, 2023

Last day at Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC)´s Offshore Wind and Hydrogen Summit 2023 in Melbourne where thought leaders and industry experts have converged over the past three days to explore the potential of renewable energy in APAC.

Jarek Pole´s, APAC Advisor at BlueFloat Energy, presented at the session “Wind 101 – what can job seekers expect to work with in the offshore wind and Hydrogen space” where he delved into the transformative power of offshore wind, not only as a source of renewable energy but as a catalyst for economic growth. Addressing the question of job creation and skills development, Jarek unveiled a promising landscape offshore wind industry can offer: “Offshore wind industry is projected to bring a multitude of jobs, ranging from engineers crafting innovative designs to technicians maintaining the turbines at sea. Ensuring a skilled workforce requires strategic collaboration between industries and educational institutions, cultivating a talent pool primed for the industry’s demands. Sustainable growth demands long-term investment in building skills, nurturing a legacy of expertise.”

BlueFloat Energy team has spent three fruitful days connecting with potential supply chain partners in the region, learning more about the great progress being made in offshore wind in other parts of APAC and engaging in discussions that will propel us towards a green future.

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