Broadshore Hub and Bellrock public consultation events


February 9, 2024

We are thrilled to share the latest milestones reached by the BlueFloat Energy | Renantis Partnership’s offshore wind projects in Scotland. We have successfully submitted a scoping request and Habitats Regulations Assessment screening report to the Marine Directorate for the Broadshore Hub Wind Farm Development Areas, covering the Broadshore, Sinclair and Scaraben offshore wind farms. The scoping request seeks the Scottish Ministers opinion on the scope and details for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report.

Furthermore, the Broadshore Hub and Bellrock project have hosted public consultation events in Aberdeenshire, offering all stakeholders an opportunity to engage with our development team and gain a deeper understanding of the projects. “Stakeholder feedback provided to the Marine Directorate will allow Scottish Ministers to adopt the most robust scoping opinion possible and inform important aspects of the Broadshore Hub’s EIA, which in turn will improve the quality of the EIA. We very much appreciate stakeholders taking time to review the scoping report and screening report and submitting comments to the Marine Directorate” explained Brian McGrellis, Head of Consents and Land for the Broadshore Hub and Bellrock project.

This significant progress brings us closer to realizing the potential of the Broadshore Hub, located 47 km north of Fraserburgh, and the Bellrock Offshore Wind Farm, situated 120 km east of Stonehaven. With capacities of 1.1 GW and 1.2 GW, respectively, these projects aim to generate clean energy for over 1 million homes each, contributing to Scotland’s net-zero targets. Find out more:

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