BlueFloat Energy and Energy Estate announce first 3 offshore wind projects in Australia


BlueFloat Energy and Energy Estate are thrilled to announce the first 3 offshore wind projects that they are developing together in Australia. This partnership combines BlueFloat Energy ‘s deep global experience in offshore wind with Energy Estate’s strong local presence, development expertise and track record.

Offshore wind partnership

BlueFloat Energy and Energy Estate share a vision that offshore wind is a key enabling technology for Australia as the nation pivots from fossil fuels to a net zero future. BlueFloat Energy has a growing pipeline of offshore wind projects in multiple markets, and the first 3 projects in Australia build on the recent announcement of the partnership with Energy Estate and Elemental Group in New Zealand. Nick Sankey, based in Melbourne, has been appointed as Country Manager for BlueFloat Energy to help accelerate development activities.

The first 3 projects which are being developed in Australia by BlueFloat Energy and Energy Estate

  • Hunter Coast Offshore Wind Project – a 1.4 GW project which will use floating wind technology and will be located off the coast south of Newcastle in the Hunter Coast region of NSW;
  • Wollongong Offshore Wind Project – a 1.6 GW project which will also use floating wind technology and will be located across 2 sites off the coast from Wollongong in the Illawarra region of NSW; and
  • Greater Gippsland Offshore Wind Project – a 1.3 GW project which will use bottom-fixed technology and will be located off the coast of the Gippsland region of Victoria.

The partnership is also assessing a number of additional sites in each of Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania and they plan to announce further projects in early 2022.

“The timing of our announcement comes hot on the heels of Australia’s Federal Government passing legislation that provides a framework for developing offshore wind projects here. This is a pivotal step as the Offshore Electricity Infrastructure Bill 2021 establishes a regulatory scaffold to enable the construction, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, and decommissioning of offshore electricity infrastructure,” said Nick Sankey.

Carlos Martin, CEO of BlueFloat Energy stated “Offshore wind energy is booming globally and now it is Australia’s time. We are excited by the prospect of introducing the two types of offshore wind technology (floating and fixed) into Australia, as this will enable us to harness some of the best offshore wind resources globally. The combination of world-class wind resources, the transition from fossil fuels, and suitable maritime conditions is an ideal platform for large-scale energy infrastructure projects being built close to load sources. As experts in offshore wind development with strong technical knowledge, Bluefloat Energy are excited about what can be achieved here in Australia.”

BlueFloat Energy and Energy Estate share the same ethos and development principles with a focus on local and Indigenous participation as well as early engagement and delivering enduring benefits for stakeholders and communities. Our goal is to build an industry, not just projects. Our approach to developing an offshore wind industry in Australia is distinctive and includes:

  • Promoting common infrastructure solutions with other offshore wind developers, such as shared transmission corridors and offshore transmission networks;
  • Assessing how offshore wind projects can integrate into local ecosystems that include largescale long duration energy storage, green hydrogen and e-fuels production; and
  • Encouraging the development of clean industrial precincts with partners at suitable ports and attracting new manufacturing capabilities to Australia.

Offshore wind projects comprise infrastructure located on both the land and sea. Bluefloat Energy and Energy Estate acknowledge that Australia’s Traditional Owners are the custodians of the land and the sea where our projects will be located. We will work closely with them to ensure we fully understand their connection to and relationship with the land and waters, as well as exploring a range of opportunities to partner with them in the offshore wind industry.

Rosie King, Director of Engagement at Energy Estate said “BlueFloat Energy and Energy Estate’s shared set of values includes actively taking steps to support training and promoting opportunities for workers to move into new roles that will be created by the offshore wind industry. We believe that the best outcomes for stakeholders and local communities will be achieved if governments and the industry collaborate from the outset. Change can be viewed as unsettling, but not if it is managed properly by open engagement with those impacted.”

Further details in respect of the 3 offshore wind projects

The Hunter Coast Offshore Wind Project will be located in the offshore wind renewable energy zone identified by AEMO in the draft 2022 Integrated System Plan. This project will support the revitalisation of the Hunter region as it transitions from coal-fired power. It will supply existing large energy users such as Tomago’s aluminium smelter as well as the emerging loads such as green hydrogen being promoted by the Hunter Hydrogen Hub. For more details please see

Wollongong Offshore Wind Project will be located across two sites in the NSW offshore wind renewable energy zone. This large-scale floating wind project will support the existing industrial ecosystem in the Illawarra and facilitate the growth of new industries in the region, including green hydrogen for export and domestic markets such as mobility We are being supported by a local delivery partner PPM, a Wollongong-based firm with decades of experience in the region. Together with Energy Estate, PPM is developing the Illawarra Clean Coast Ecosystem with the goal of revitalising existing infrastructure from the resources industry and combining offshore wind with new industrial precincts, green hydrogen production and long duration energy storage. For more details please see:

In Victoria, our first project is the Greater Gippsland Offshore Wind Project, located in the Bass Strait with its world class wind resources. This large-scale offshore wind project builds on the momentum for an accelerated retirement of brown coal projects in the La Trobe Valley and is intended to complement the existing and planned transmission infrastructure in Gippsland. We believe Victoria has the ability to become one of the top new markets for offshore wind globally. The rich maritime heritage of the Bass Strait is an important feature for us and allows us to tap into the experienced and highly skilled local workforce and repurpose existing infrastructure such as local ports. For more details please see

BlueFloat Energy
Nick Sankey, Country Manager – Australia
Mobile : +61 420 972 136
Email :

Energy Estate
Rosie King
Director of Engagement
Mobile : +61 (0) 450 554 767
email :

About BlueFloat Energy
With a corporate vision of accelerating the global deployment of offshore wind as a key enabler for the energy transition and economic growth, BlueFloat Energy is developing offshore wind energy projects in multiple geographies. Founded by renewable energy professionals, BlueFloat Energy brings together unparalleled expertise in the design, development, financing,construction and execution of floating offshore wind projects. For more information please visit:

About Energy Estate
Energy Estate’s mission is to accelerate the transformation of the energy sector and decarbonisation of industry. We are developing and accelerating a portfolio of renewable energy, storage and green hydrogen projects in Australia, NZ, US and other markets. Our Australian pipeline of projects we are developing with partners includes Central Queensland Power, Walcha Energy, Hunter Hydrogen Network and Abbot Point Clean Energy Hub. A key driver for Energy Estate is supporting the communities in which we operate and delivering enduring outcomes for all stakeholders including landowners, workers and indigenous/First Nations people. We believe in the revitalisation of industrial communities by investment in clean industrial precincts, local supply chains and green hydrogen and e-fuels projects. For more information please visit:

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